Marquee is a VS Code extension that brings a fully extensible homescreen right into your favorite IDE for minimal context switching.

Install via:

VS Code Marketplace


$ code --install-extension stateful.marquee

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Productivity Tools

Keep track of workspace specific context through a better workspace manager, flexible todo's, a code snippet stash, and powerful wysiwyg notes widget.

News and Trending

Stay on top of what's going on outside your editor, by quickly checking trending repo's on Github and the HackerNews feed. Not to mention planning your breaks by checking the weather widget.

Deeply Integrated

Manage all your Marquee data directly through the native tree view to avoid leaving the editor. You can also automatically generate todo's from code comments and create or insert code snippets with


The ever growing collection of productivity widgets you can bring into your Marquee workspaces.


A better way to search, sort, organize and switch between workspaces and projects. We automatically order projects based on associated Marquee artifacts.


Keep an eye on the local weather to know when it's time to head outside for a break, or to organize your day as the forecast changes.


See if there's anything worth reading in real-time without leaving your editor when you need a break.


The inter-workspace smart clipboard for your thoughts, code snippets, logs, or terminal traces. Anything you want to recall later.


Keep track of workspace-specific todos. Create, archive and complete todos from the todo widget or the tree view while you are deep in code.


Create several notes for your development process that help you get back to information whenever needed and never forget a single thing again.


Search for popular projects on GitHub to find code needed for your project.


Renders local and remote markdown files to help you navigate through the code base.

NPM Stats

Get a daily overview about download numbers of all NPM packages you maintain.

<insert widget here />

Everyone can build their own widget and add it to Marquee. Check out our docs for more information.
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Trevor Little

The scratch and todo sections are fantastic! I used to have a markdown tab opened for my scratch/notes and I've tried some todo extensions but never stuck with one. This keeps everything together nicely. It's a good productivity boost.

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